Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A-Z 05 (dark tricoleur)


Lewis said...

There’s lots of subtle stuff going in this work, it’s something very personal to you, and I like that in art. Beautifully constructed in Photoshop as always Simon. A great body of work, very nice.


Big Block said...

I have tried to be as subtle as I could with this piece Lbeast. I don't know whether I have achieved any level or hint of the sublime but it is intended to express a joyus and effervescent sentiment.

Lovegush of the highest water.


Big Block said...


Big Block said...

I'm goin back to 505.
If it's a seven hour flight,
or a forty five minute drive.
In my imagination you're waiting
lying on your side.
With your hands between yor thighs
and a smile.

Arctic Monkeys 505

Big Block said...

That should be "your"

Big Block said...